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Providing financial support to patients recovering from a lung or heart transplant

Help us support those in need today!

In addition to aid for patients, we provide support to their young children with age appropriate clothing and other items to help them through this emotionally challenging experience. Please designate for “Gianna’s Fund”.


Helping You Heal

The Lung and Heart Transplant Foundation was started by four lung transplant recipients, a retired transplant nurse and a caregiver to assist transplant patients in need of short term financial assistance. As of December of 2019, we have provided assistance to more than 125 lung & heart transplant families from 5 transplant centers. We alleviate some financial stress so the recipients can get on with the job of healing and recovering.


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"The Lung and Heart Transplant Foundation provides invaluable services to our patients in all phases of transplant care. The emotional and financial support they provide to our patients helps make transplant successful and positively impacts many lives. Through grants from the foundation, they have been able to ease the financial burden of medication costs post-transplant for those in need."

UCSD Transplant Pharmacist


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